About Us

The Club came about in early 2011 because a few like minded individuals who love their Cabanon tents liked the idea. Early membership was scattered all over the UK and France (and still is) so actually meeting as a club was not that practical at first

In April 2011 a basic website with some catalogues and stuff was created, but quickly ran out of storage space (PDF catalogues are BIG files). In May 2011 Cabanon got in touch to offer some support so the club shifted gear a little and set about securing a proper web domain name and hosting so we can have a focus for the club. That took until July 2011 (all members were offered the chance to vote on our name) then August / September was spent building a more professional dual language website. By the Autumn the site was working reasonably well with a proper email address too. Google Ads were added to the site to cover some of the hosting costs (but they dont come close)

The next few months saw membership growing steadily and some developments behind the scenes to help involve members more in the development of the club. We now have a 'members only' Forum and a slowly developing 'members only' Cabanon Archive

Right now the member list is open for any Cabanon Owner to join. If you want to go on the list member please contact us at < admin at cabanonclub dot org > with your name, location and any Cabanon kit you own

Privacy Policy - If you give us an email for contacting you about the club that is the only reason we will use it. By sharing your email with the club you agree to receive emails from it. All any email correspondence sent to all members will be sent "blind copy" so no one will see your email address

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