Cabanon Catalogues

This page is for the 'full range' catalogues Cabanon produce. As find/receive other Catalogue years we will add them here

For individual tent ranges (eg C series etc) Cabanon do occasionally product specific brochures but these would only be added if the full range catalogue doesnt cover the model(s)  

Please note that (as far as we know) there is no proper 2009 Catalogue and that the 2008 Catalogue was simply re-badged for the new season. However we only have a French 2009 Catalogue right now so can't confirm the 2008 and 2009 are identical. The model numbers of the tents in 2009 Catalogue mostly have 8 prefix which was the model number for 2008 so this may well be true

We have a paper copy of basic information (eg floor plan and stock pictures) for the whole Cabanon 2001 range but not the catalogue (there is also some doubt as to whether it is in fact a 2002 list). Please if you have any catalogues, catalogue pages, brochures etc let us know. We have scanning facilities also if you only have paper copies


Tent catalogue 2006 (English) 
Trailer Tent catalogue 2006 (English)
Tent catalogue 2007 (English)
Trailer Tent catalogue 2008 (English)

Tent Catalogue 2009 (French)

Tent catalogue 2010 (French)
Tent Catalogue 2011 (Multi) Trailer Tent catalogue 2011 (English)


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