Started in the late 1950s in Dunkerque, Cabanon still make tents there today. Some of the major innovations that Cabanon bought to market were:
  • need input please folks
  • there must be quite a few
  • and it would be good to recognise and celbrate them

Went though a bit of a rough time in 2008 & 2009 but now back to producing wonderful Canvas tents

In Holland some De Wit tents (eg Barbados) are clearly Cabanon manufactured too

Need lots more Cabanon history info please


The latest logo was introduced in 2010

The three stripe logo has been in use since approximately 1988 (need to confirm)

The red logo is seen on tents from before 1990 and back to mid/early 1970's (need to confirm)

This logo does appear on early Cabanons, but not sure when it was first used

There was also a blue logo (up to early 1970's?) but dont have any pics sorry. If you have any more information about Cabanon logos and when they were used please get in touch